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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Will of God for Healing, Peace and Love

WHOLLY good is the will of God. That is a short statement that makes so much sense, in fact, that it might not need even to be mentioned. But we hardly think how good the will of God is. We don’t think on it enough. If we did think on it enough we would be more inclined to do that which is good; good for us and good for God. Because we serve God, who, by his character is entirely good, we can trust God to deliver upon us every field of goodness, notwithstanding the paths of trepidation God has us on in the meantime.
Doing the will of God, therefore, requires faith. We have no visible guarantees of being blessed of his goodness, but we can know the nature of God is to bless, and never more so than by following his will. And to know blessing is to know this: God will teach us what blessing is as we go. Our perceptions of blessing will inevitably be challenged and changed. As we grow into a fuller sense of maturity in him who is everything of wisdom and understanding, we are challenged and changed. Praise be to God!
Doing the will of God is our ultimate purpose, our destiny, our very real necessity.
Doing the will of God is our role,
In doing so there is healing of soul.
By the doing of God’s will there is set in process all the portents for healing of our souls. As we seek to discern what God is doing in us, we will inevitably discern that God is trying to heal us, and we will cooperate with that eternal process as it works in us in the moment, moment by moment.
Stay in the day,
Don’t worry for tomorrow,
It’s the Jesus way,
He encourages us to borrow.
There is no benefit in fast forwarding the moment into the Mirage of the future. The future is the Mirage; merely a figment of our imaginations created by the formations of our perceptions about what we currently know and can design.
A far better way is to stay in the day. Better still, stay in the moment. Enjoy it for all its glory. Veritably, it’s all we have. Further, it is God’s will that we stay in the moment. It is not just a suggestion.
Jesus’ will is that we love each other,
Having respect for every sister and brother.
The clearest most salient way to blessing is that we would love each other sufficiently to have unrequited respect for each other. What this means is that no matter how people treat us we respect them; if our respect is unrequited – meaning, it isn’t returned – we ensure we are not harmed. We imagine the pity of not wanting to love. We say a prayer for them. And in the meantime we continue on our loving way, because in love is power, and it is the only real power based on God’s righteousness and justice – that everyone would be blessed.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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