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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Regeneration Into the Peace of Mindfulness

A waste of life, this we own

If we have only cause to groan.


A waste of life, this we fill

If we make no time to just sit and chill.


A waste of life, this we share

If we spend no time to try to care.


A waste of life, this we extend

If we insist to ever more pretend.


A waste of life, this we cease

If we come back to terms of peace.


A waste of life, this we throw

If we wake up and have love to show.


A waste of life, this we resist

If, by God’s creation, we’ve been kissed.


A waste of life, this we affect

If we move on beyond regret.


The beauty of mindfulness is a charge laid upon the heart that persuades a life to change tack – from the activity of waste (an attitude of mindlessness) – to the activities of life.

As I stand and write these words, the rain pounding on the roof, with wind rushing all around these premises, there is a soothing within my soul. I cannot help but be mindful of the well-being I am presently enjoying. It is God’s will that we feel such a reality as the present moment.

Nature reminds us of the incontrovertible facts of life. If we will allow ourselves to be swept up in the fire storm of life we will only come to reflect on life as a waste. When do we just make time to just stand and stare? How often do we treat life as a timeless existence?

The paradox enfolds to us; as we deliberately waste time we make something of our lives, but as we try to steal every moment, making no time for peace, we waste our lives.

Those who are wise in the world are making every hit a winner, yet those who are wise in God know that they don’t need to. Not every moment needs to be capitalised on. Not every ounce of energy needs to be expended.

If there is no waste we are wasting our lives. We cannot control everything no matter how hard we try. If we can agree with God, however, that everything isn’t as important as it seems, God will grace us with the ability to accept the eternal nature of life – the laws of creation we cannot influence, but just simply accept.

If we fill our lives up, every moment, we waste our lives. But when we leave space free, what seems as a waste is actually life. Then we have the privilege of mindfulness.

© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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