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Friday, May 8, 2015

God’s Spiritual Ministry to a Lonely Soul From Anger

YOU know the sort of day I’m referring to; one where there is an itch within you that just cannot be scratched adequately or accurately enough.
Such a place of the spirit creates a frustrated sense of anger within us because it seems irreconcilable. There is generally good reason for such frustration. Something has riled us, whether we know what it is or not.
The best remedy for anger is honesty. And to enter into such a journey to unearth the fractious truth in the landscape of the soul is to play with the notion that loneliness is truly the main concern.
Loneliness is the soul’s greatest nemesis. This is because the soul is defenceless against attack, and, when it’s attacked, the only response possible is loneliness. This is seen as the protective layers of a person’s ego — in this case, in their frustrated anger — are stripped away.
If we entertain that the anger correlates with indiscernible loneliness in the soul we can see two things: 1) that a relational or situational disconnect has taken place creating cognitive dissonance* which in turn creates such an attitudinal response of anger that impacts behaviour, and 2) that the soul has been sold out to the relational or situational disconnect, and is impacted, creating loneliness — an estrangement of the person with themselves.
If we accept this we have linked the injured soul with the situation of anger. The anger has caused the soul to be injured, yet the situation creating cognitive dissonance has caused the anger. This is all vital in understanding how to reconcile the anger before it really does harm. We must attend to the injured soul.
Only honesty can restore a soul divided by two opposing truths.
The restoration of a soul is to bring wholeness in the presence of division.
God’s Spiritual ministry is necessary in healing the injured soul and restoring it.
In the presence of honesty — that a situation has taken place that hurt — the soul is restored, because it is heard. This is why counselling often helps. The truth has been heard. A person’s justice has been executed. They are vindicated, at least of reasonable response to anger.
God’s Spiritual ministry to a lonely soul affected by anger is predicated on a seedbed of honesty. When we can be honest about what happened and we can justify the attitudinal shift that leads to negative behaviour then the soul may finally rest; it has been heard.
Anger can be attributed to a frustrating situation that literally estranges a person’s soul from justice, leading to a form of soul loneliness.
The biggest tragedy on a human level is our soul’s separation from our truth. God is always set on resolving such a dichotomy.
For a soul to be restored and healed the soul must be heard.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.
*Cognitive dissonance is a mind divided and a heart wrestling in response.

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