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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Holding the Line of Obedience When Under Spiritual Attack

SPIRITUAL warfare is a covert operation that sets itself in the battle of the everyday, and it comes dressed in myriad form of camouflage. It comes disguised as a challenge, in the banal, as something seen as sinister, and even sometimes as criticism from unsuspecting persons. Whenever we are tempted to give up we should ask ourselves the cursory question, “Could this be an attack?” If we answer that question as a possibility for the affirmative, we should be prepared to invest some time going deeper into the whys and wherefores before we entertain quitting.
The devil wants to destroy every good thing being brought into being in the Kingdom of God. Satan wants to steal every acquisition and gift of virtue. The accuser would kill every good idea, every worthy project, and every faithful servant, if only he could. But, of course, he can’t. He doesn’t have anywhere near that power. We are the only ones that have that power in our own sphere. Evil can only work through despondency, discouragement, disempowerment, and dissolution. The devil’s work is always brought into actuality by others; he cannot actualise evil work himself. He must use cunning by fooling others into being his agents. And the worst agency is to do the devil’s work under the guise of doing Kingdom work.
As we face the attack now before us, our aim has to be to hold the line; the obedient line. As we hold the line of obedience — being in step with, and in the lap of, God’s will — we will be untouchable. The devil cannot interrupt us and his agents cannot influence us. A vital part of holding the line is knowing what the line is and where it is; so is the knowledge of the shape and angle of the attack — the tests that are common to our Christian humanity.
If we are doing anything good in the Kingdom of God we can expect to be attacked by the evil one.
But we must understand that Satan uses people and situations as a guise for his work.
The obedience of a servant of God is all that’s required to defeat evil. It’s as simple as that. But sometimes obedience takes a great deal of discernment in navigating the path.
The ultimate wisdom in enduring spiritual attack is to simply obey God.
The key to holding the line when under spiritual attack is to do God’s will.
Satan would endeavour to steal, destroy and kill,
But he can do nothing when we continue to do God’s will.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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