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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

When the Prodigal Son or Daughter Comes Home

THERE is a party going on in the heavenly realm, right now, for the lost who are, in this moment, found. The angels might exist for this express purpose: salvation.
And we may be confident that the seed sown into the prodigal son or daughter is good; that it takes greatly sufficient root and receives the succour of water and light for growth. The prodigal son or daughter is blessed in that they know what they have lost before they have found God. They know the feeling of living estranged to God. They know that soul loneliness that leaves them bitterly afraid for life itself. They are so afraid they are willing to step forward never to ever look back again.
Glorious LORD, Holy Father,
Thank You for the reality of answered prayer,
Thank You, Lord, that we chose to dare,
Thank You that You chose Your Son,
Thank You, Lord, that Salvation is done!
Thank You for the wonderful sight,
Thank You, Lord, for Salvation’s delight,
Thank You for the love we share,
Thank You, Lord, for answered prayer!
Thank You for the faith of the one You save,
Thank You, Lord, and just keep him brave,
Thank You for the love by which we show we care,
Thank You, Lord, for answered prayer!
When Prayer is Answered in the Affirmative
Having prayed for a certain young man to come to truly need and, therefore, know the Lord, and then to actually experience him contrite, ready; at the precipice, serious about the journey ahead, knowing there can be no turning back — an eternal moment that always catches our emotions by surprise — is just simply blessed.
This prodigal son, having dabbled long enough in the world to see the scars of his existence extinguish all his hopes, returns, ready and willing to go on with God — toward the very serious series of missions ahead of him.
Nothing can prepare our hearts to receive him gladly enough. But we pray that we are enough for God at that moment. And God will not let us down! We are merely to present as courageous in our love, yet humble in our expression.
Never underestimate the power of God to bring about what you pray for. God saves those we have been praying for for years!
When God brings the prodigal son or daughter home they are eternity’s miracle in the very day of life. The true prodigal will not turn back. We thank God as they restore our doubting faith in everyday miracles — the chrysalis of one life.
The turning of the prodigal is the greatest miracle in this age.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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