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Friday, July 3, 2015

The Encouragement of a Deeper Look Within

GOD is able to do miraculous things when we allow him entry into our deeper selves. What do we think of, and what are the fantasies we covet? What makes us feel alive? What makes us cringe in soul death? What habits is God attuning our attention to? What caverns remain?
Taking a deeper look within isn’t scary so much as it’s an opportunity to step out of the messes of the past and present in order to stride into a future God knows we are good for.
It’s not God saying, “Stop, don’t go there!” That’s the enemy of God.
God invites us to take that special reflection for honesty within. He invites us to explore, to plumb the depths, to engage with our heart, mind and soul. And God won’t rush us while we are deeply inside — our Lord wants us to spend time there, unhurried, unflustered, unperturbed despite the clamour without.
Gordon MacDonald of Forging a Real World Faith (1989) says, as we look within, we ought to explore for signs of unresolved guilt. Close to what’s required in what is unresolved is some sort of restitution — putting it right — to relieve the inner stress. Attitudes toward work and recreation, and the forces that might force us to do things one way or the other; all these are potential indicators to watch for. Memories that prolong upon the mind and heart, patterns of habit, addictions, and unwieldly affections — anything out of balance — these are all watch points.
The good thing about a piqued awareness is it is empowering. Nobody’s forcing our arm. We have one-hundred percent control. God is always invitational.
Where we are truly blessed is in our honesty.
Honesty is inspiring when it comes to looking deeply within; courage facilitates joy. Joy makes for peace. Peace is hope.
Honesty is courage, which is faith, which enlivens joy, which grooms peace, which propels us in hope.
For looking within, for having no fear for what might crop up, we have these gains.
As we might have experienced with a good counsellor, in our honest explorations we search in safety, knowing there are no deal-breakers. It’s all up for grabs! There are simply opportunities and no costs to be borne, though sometimes there is a shaking-up, but nothing that can truly threaten us beyond a healthy caption of growth.
So, embark. Set sail on a voyage within, along the river right down into the tributaries of the soul. Enter the caverns and drink deeply of the dark delights. For, you are taking the light with you!
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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