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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Why Surrender Was the Wisest Thing I Ever Did

WHEN life is beyond our scope of control, and when elements of our lives are maddeningly chaotic, we can be forgiven for throwing our hands in the air. Such a choice for ‘surrender’ is, itself, truly a foolish thing to do.
To give up is to give the enemy a bullseye, for sure. In our heart of hearts we are forlorn that our lives have run off target, and it is worse if we seem to be innocent victims.
But innocence has nothing to do with a situation any of us can find ourselves in at any time. This is not about bad luck or bad management or bad anything-else. This is about the response only a wise person can make. And wise people make wise decisions based in faith because the consequences of not turning to God are going to be direr if they don’t.
The word ‘surrender’ was mentioned further up, but that is not really a surrender with any character about it.
It is easy to give up, say it is too hard, or put our foot down — “No! Not under those conditions!” Who are we fooling when we are found in a desperate situation?
God cannot be fooled and we will reap the consequences of our decisions.
Let us get one thing straight — we will only experience God’s phenomenal Spiritual power when we trust him enough to obey — which is to surrender any say we would otherwise have.
To surrender in this way is to submit — to every force that God will bring into our orbit for our betterment. And how will we know it is for our betterment or not? Wise people will affirm it. We will know that the things that cost us dearly, now, we will be rewarded for later on — and yet this is no reason to blackmail God — rewards come in a way and at a time that God decrees.
Surrender is what will take us from the calamity that is our life as it is right now into the peace of the new thing. We do not give up on life. We go one-hundred-eighty degrees in the opposite direction. We tussle with the material that is presented before us; exactly as our lives have worked out to this point.
When we give our lives over to God in the moment, prepared to do whatever it takes, our faith prevails upon God’s sympathy, and God blesses us with power — a joyful peace exudes.
Momentary surrender,
The joining of our will,
Know that with God,
He will keep us still!
Join the moments together,
The wisdom of surrender,
Joining the will of God,
He will keep us tender!
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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