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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

4 Reasons Our Food Is Killing Us

DIABETES Type 2 is a disease sweeping the developed world.  We are slowly being killed by the food we eat.  And in this, food is like the final frontier for the majority of people.  Unlike with most addictions, we cannot quit food.  We cannot stop eating.
But we can begin to eat the right foods, in the right quantities, at the right times, for our health.
The main problem with our food is fourfold: high calorie food is available at low cost, everywhere, all the time.
1.      High calorie food – the only way to make fast food appeal for value is to give it the illusion of taste, and to give the consumer more for their buck.
2.      Fast food, in comparison with safely prepared natural foods, is low cost.  And even though it’s affordable, fast food companies still make huge profits, meaning they have the capacity to ‘pass on’ what seem to be incredible benefits and up-sizes for their clientele.
3.      Low cost, high calorie food is accessible… most places in the developed world, certainly wherever there are people.
4.      This food is generally available 24/7, or most daily hours, most days, if not every day.
Is there any wonder in our sedentary lifestyles that we stack weight on?
We have a spiritual dilemma.  Our relationship with food is spiritual.  If we acknowledge that what we’re trying to get from food we can only get from God, we’re on the right track to becoming still before Him in prayer rather than eat a burger, pizza, ice cream, or fries.
There is no better medication for what in truth is a soul craving, than prayer.
When it comes to medication for life, food comes in a long second-best to prayer.  By prayer we’ll be led to quality, nutritious food of adequate portion.
Good news!  I’ve never known anyone ever before to put weight on because they prayed too much.
© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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