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Monday, April 11, 2016

What I’m Learning About Life Through My Loving Wife

PLENTY of these types of articles have been written, and probably more than a dozen by me, but the world should know something about what my wife is teaching me about being a Christian, a father, a man, a person.
She is gentle, even when she’s cross.  In this she teaches me that while I’m not above correction, I’m also not under her thumb.  Such fairness cannot be taken for granted.  Such poise is the grace that I want to extend out to others.  She makes me want to be gentle when I’m feeling angry.
She is pleasant, even when her inner world is fragile.  In not closing me out of her world I’m learning to appreciate that I’m welcome in her space without feeling like I own her space.  Her space is hers.  When I don’t force myself in, she doesn’t hold me out.
She talks with me, and she lets me talk.  Being more introverted than I am, my wife is ready to listen, and she can absorb so much.  Not that this is license to abuse such privilege.  Her wisdom comes out at the appropriate times, having listened, and it never ceases to amaze me the wisdom uttered from her lips, and from such comparatively few words.  Her speaking with me teaches me patience.  Am I interested enough to wait?  What a great way to learn how to love!  Waiting always accompanies wisdom.
She interacts with people in a quiet, unforced, assured way, and there’s no pretentiousness in her.  I watch and learn.  And grow in appreciation of her unambitious steadiness.
She even teaches me something about life when I miss her.  I know that when I arrive home, no matter how her day’s been, I’ll be greeted with love.  In this she teaches me grace.  Even if I’m tempted to walk in tentatively, she gives me license to walk in boldly, in the confidence of loving intimacy.
These are just some of the things I’m learning about love through loving my wife.
When we’re especially fortunate, God uses our spouse to usher the glories of His truth into us through the vestment of His love.
© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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