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Monday, April 25, 2016

We Will Remember Them… But, Will We?

Schindler’s List (1993) is a horribly real portrayal of the genocide of the Jews by the Nazi regime.  If watched at a human level, one cannot come away from it untouched.  Yet it was humanity that was just so capable of procuring such atrocities.
Humanity is capable… capable of anything.  Great inspiring deeds and deeds much worse than words could ever describe.
So much blood was spilt over the two world wars.  Not much less than one-hundred million lives were lost… nearly 100,000,000 is the digital figure.  Each one of those lives was ended against God’s will, prematurely, as a great sacrifice in the hope for a better day.
Much earlier in the history of the world, Jesus died: the sacrifice of one for many unto the entire creation of the world, saving it all, every single one, to the very last person, who counts His sacrifice worthy of their saving.
The sacrifices that we remember on a solemn day of the year are worthy of our remembrance evermore.  But we cannot live in perpetual remembrance.  There are too many distractions.  More is the pity.  For, continual remembrance will gird us in our way.
We are made better for the humble practice of remembrance.  And to remain in that place — to be ever thankful for the sacrifices of those lost — to be ever thankful for the sacrifice of Jesus — is to fuel gratitude.
Gratitude will send us on in joy, purpose and hope.  Yet only with remembrance is there gratitude.
If we chose to start each day in remembrance, our lives would be much better than we could imagine.
© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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