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Friday, October 28, 2016

19 Things God Taught Me In My Handyman Job Today

Re-fixing one hundred ceiling panels, necessitating four-hundred ladder ascensions, and God begins to speak:
1.          Everything needs maintenance. That means nothing is ever really finished. If that frustrates or bores us, we have some learning (and accepting) still to do.
2.          Precision counts. Put your finger on the right place; your eye and ear on what is to be seen and heard.  Timing can be poignant.
3.          Balance is fundamental. Game over if you lose balance.
4.          Persist. Then, when you’re ready to give up once more, persist. Then repeat the procedure whenever necessary.
5.          Rest. But only in two situations. When satisfaction earns us a rest, or when we are exasperated.
6.          Smile. Always smile. The only thing we ever have control over is our attitude.
7.          Don’t be daunted by the size of the task ahead. Start the work, set your mind on the things above, and ask God to bless every second of your work for Him.[1] And He will. Too much of the time we defeat ourselves mentally before we start.
8.          Find God’s delight for you in your moment.  It’s not somebody else’s delight any other time.  It’s ours, now.  Reflect and discover. Experience the miracle of life in your work.
9.          Success teaches confidence, yet success is a commodity available only at the market place of achievement. So achieve. Work like the ant does.[2]
10.       What you do is mastery of a mystery to many people because they don’t watch the process. Everything observable is explainable, and everything explainable unravels a mystery. Enjoy being a mystery.
11.       Someone is watching. It only appears that nobody notices a lot of our work. But there is One who watches all things at all times.
12.       Try, and then become convinced of something you could never have before anticipated. These are pleasant blessings of learning.
13.       There’s always something to be learned beyond the frustration and struggle. Learning encourages us. Yet we only get there by faith.
14.       Nobody can tell a maintenance worker he or she isn’t worthy. Everyone is worthy. And not because of what anyone does!
15.       Diligence is commitment, and commitment is blessed when there is work to do.
16.       If one way of doing things is cut off, ingenuity will supply another. Don’t panic; the solution will come when we’re patient.
17.       Be body-mind-and-soul conscious. Feedback comes and awareness is a blessing. Wisdom will ward off injury.
18.       Clean up as you go. Less chaos cognitively.
19.       Never believe you’re doing menial work.  You’re not.  It’s all important.

[1] See Colossians 3:2; 3:23.
[2] See Proverbs 6:6-8; 30:25.

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