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Friday, December 16, 2016

A Prayer for Those Who Struggle at Christmas

Eternal God,
We know there are people who suffer during Advent, and perhaps additional loneliness because they cannot connect with the joys of Christmas. Your heart is for them. You know their plight. You hate it that they’re disconnected from community when Christmas is supposed to connect people. You understand and You accept why nothing, at this time, for them, can change this for them. Yet, You are close to them whether they feel You or not. You are there. Eternally there. Give them hope through the presence of a special heart, one ethereal soul, that may, at this time, connect with them.
In a world that seems to be losing its way, You remind us, through reading Your Word, that You are in control. Always. Reassure by Your Spirit, those who feel the world is ending. Give them a peace in their hearts, and a stillness in their minds, that they can trust; that transcends their understanding.
Thank You for those precious persons for whom Christmas is a time of serving, for You made them to understand how important their supporting others is at this time of year. Bless them continually with energy for listening, and wisdom for their words. Give them material gain so they may extend their generosity to the farthest reaches of their influence.
For those with acute mental health problems right now, I ask You, through Your Covenant Presence with them, to protect them and keep each one safe. It’s with boldness I pray that You save each one from harm. I can ask that can’t I, Lord? Alleviate their moments, give them some connection with hope, and glimmers of joy and peace. Help them know You are Peace. Help them know just how dearly loved by You they truly are.
For those who are far away, or estranged, or beyond hope for some reason, give them hope for something coming, something amazing that can only come from You. Compensate them for the pain they endure even as the words of this prayer are prayed by some unknown soul in a foreign place, any banal moment, and, in reaching You, that cause You to reach down and make a miracle occur in their very midst.
Lord, be richly there and powerful by Your Presence in the lives of those who struggle this Christmas. Make them to feel Your Touch, Your Warmth, Your Embrace.
In Jesus’ compassionate Name I pray,

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