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Monday, December 19, 2016

Purpose and Vision for the Journey of Life

God knows that if we knew how long and hard the journey was we’d never start. That’s why He built purpose into our minds, filled our hearts with hope, and made dreamy destinations the vision of our souls.
Purpose is for the journey what vision is of the destination. We need both. We need purpose that drives us along the journey. We need vision, too, which is something purpose sees.
Vision is a revelation of the destination.
In normal circumstances, purpose must see vision or the vitality of hope is lost. But perhaps the greatest hope of all is a visionless purpose that keeps travelling, journeying in faith, in a wise direction.
Purpose is motivation abiding in faithful trust in a vision. It’s motivation for the journey.
We fail in life by giving up on our dreams. We never fail by failing in our attempts to realise dreams. Whilst we believe enough to keep going, we have the probabilities of the successful in our favour. Failure is only ever ultimately an end point. We never arrive at failure until we have given up. But we fail many times, not for a want of trying, mind you.
It’s the person with purpose and a vision who travels unswervingly the journey toward the inevitable destination.
They know where they’re headed, and though reaching the destination seems so impossible at times, their faith makes them refuse to give up. Even in an imagined futility they cannot give themselves to give up.
A purpose and a vision: these two are palpable. One is the journey vouchsafed, expedited with surety. The other is the shimmering destination, making every sacrifice abundantly worth it.

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