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Saturday, January 23, 2010

ADVOCACY – If You Can’t Join ‘Em, Beat ‘Em!

Bullying. It’s something I’ve been both a victim of and an advocate against. It’s probably the single-most reason why I do what I do for a day job.

This is a blight on our common experience with our fellows, everywhere. The fearful incite fear wherever they can. They only seem unstoppable. What is for certain is they’ll always remain—perhaps dormant, or even transformed. Yet, it’ll raise its ugly head again in the “right” circumstances.

What can we do? Advocacy is the answer. The advocate stands for truth against fear, for themselves and others.

The advocate fights not with the same weapons as the bully. The advocate fights with a prayer, with wisdom, and with a system that is designed to reject this relational absurdity based in tyranny, lies and oppression.

The advocate beats the bully, decisively and comprehensively, at a war of attrition, with the weapons of faith (courage), justice and wisdom. Not all battles are won. Not all battles need to be won. For the war is about a balance of wins and losses. The advocate has a long-range view.

Advocacy. It’s the only role worthy of love—that thing that fear fears most.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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