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Monday, January 11, 2010

Child’s Heart and Destiny

In the heart of a child grows stories and storms; triumphant and daunting, most especially vivid.

He finds the world a strangely scary place, full of super-sized surprises.

The journey is made even scarier by those he travels with; parents, teachers, other children, relatives, adult “friends,” and seemingly little things turn his world completely upside down. His trust is not easily shattered, yet it’s being chronically tested and his trust has a life all too short. Trust is all he has.

As he greets each day from his emergent bubble of hesitant knowledge he begins to expect absurdity at the vastest realms of experience—sprinklings of keen pleasure and long lashings of unexpectant pain.

His future state is receiving programs now, in real time. The body of potential fragmented, interspersed, robbed—inevitably.

He stops believing. Believing is too painful. He fears letting go. His trust is cursed.

The sphincters of his mind and heart are sensitive and shaped precisely to his fear and according to the unique program custom-loaded, for him and only him. He is special, you see!

We should know him. He is “we.”

Too many adults grow up disconnected from the little boy or girl buried deep within, forever repressed. It’s a harsh rejection that confounds dreams, angering the person.

Think of the actual little boys and girls in your life. Do they trust? Or is their trust being harmed by the relationships in their life? It’s not too late. It never is. But recovery is far worse a scenario than preventing the damage in the first place.

Little boys and girls everywhere, in every sphere, at every age and stage; wake up to the inner child in yourself. Get to know him or her. Embrace his or her identity. You are all they have. They will teach you to trust once again if you will only learn to listen. And now you have control over their confidence and safety, you can allow them to bring you joy!

We are all children at heart. When we finally learn to see children through the eyes of our heavenly Father we will then begin to assert the virtue of the saints into their lives.

We will not be able to help it.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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