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Friday, March 5, 2010


We all have our “buttons.” Some people press them with awkward delight, others less deliberately so. Yet, buttons are very much our business—not theirs! The paradox is, when we accept this, we’re on our blissful way to genuine happiness, peace and negation of anger.

Buttons characterise us and our weak points, and in this then, God is speaking to us directly regarding how we can possibly grow further in wisdom and maturity. When people press our buttons our response is never their fault—no matter how much they intentioned it.

As I mentioned, buttons pressed reveal lack at the character level within us—and character runs deeply to our very core. They’re important clues on how we are to be better acquainted with life both interpersonally and also from an intrapersonal viewpoint.

Anytime we become instinctually or habitually annoyed—BANG—we can grab the opportunity to analyse the situation and run with it. We will be tempted to pass it over, however, fooled that it’s the other person’s issue; it never is.

è Awareness is always the key. We’ll only pick up the annoyances if we’re looking for them. This can actually become quite a fun game—besides, focussing on improving ourselves means there’s less focus on the things others do to annoy us!

è We have to be prepared to surrender our pride completely—that sense that, ‘I’m right, they’re wrong.’ To grow character we much first learn to routinely and effectively swallow our pride.

è We have to believe in faith that if we make these adjustments we’ll actually be happier and more peaceful and less angry as a result.

Most of all we shouldn’t fall for our own excuses or deceits. These are lessons for us in interactive tolerance—both from within and with others—that’s all. These are the final correctives to all hardships of the soul because as we attune ourselves to become more tolerant our souls become more at one with our universe.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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