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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Parental Mirror

PARENTS, WHETHER YOU BELIEVE IN GOD OR NOT, you’re charged by him to be an effective and mature parent. You’ll be forgiven much more readily for innocent slips and honest mistakes in your parenting than if you’re wantonly selfish; abusing the privilege of parenting, neglecting your kids.

I’m just about sick of childish parents who don’t do what they should—that is be the mature and nurturing role model, investing in love for the next generation of humanity; for their kids.

Parents are blessed with children not the other way around—so far as parents are concerned. Of course the kids are blessed too (mightily with loving parents), but not the way some very self-centred parents believe. Parents are God’s representatives of love, safety and security in the world of kids.

How can it be that some parents will constantly dash the trust of their kids against the emotional rocks, creating potentially indelible creases of incredibly deep emotional trauma? In some of the worst cases, kids are effectively rendered beyond healing. And some of this almost certainly leads to vast mental health problems later on in life from depression and anxiety to suicide.

Parents, we’re supposed to take a look into the mirror occasionally... no, make that often. We’re not supposed to feel guilty or ashamed for the wrong things we do... but simply we’re to make amends. It’s very simple. It is okay to say “sorry” and seek forgiveness.

Why would children not have the same rights as any other person so far as common respect is concerned? We don’t pander to children just for being kind and patient with them. To be treated fairly and justly—it’s their right!—like it is ours.

Far too many people think it is okay to treat their kids poorly just because they were treated poorly by their parents. It’s quite the reverse, actually. When I was abused as a teenaged apprentice I vowed I’d never do it to the apprentice under me when my turn came to be a tradesperson. We should be passionate about breaking the cycle of violence; for all selfish parenting is violent.

Adult world, children are defenceless against us powerful grown-ups; we should never forget we will be held to account for our actions—in the life to come!

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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