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Thursday, January 10, 2013

When Courage Is Love’s Best Friend

“Love is too precious to be ashamed of.”
— Laurell K. Hamilton
We’ve all struggled with love; that emotion demanding from us the authenticity of our true, forthright selves in the company of important others—usually in vulnerable ways. We’ve failed in embarrassing ways, yet we must go on, even though our love shrinks from a lack of courage.
We may be too afraid to love; to risk in faith, to express love—our authenticity; what we truly feel—to another person or in situations. We risk rejection and sometimes we just cannot handle the potential for truth.
Risk may equal reward, but life is fickle, and our estimation doesn’t always meet with reality.
Oh, the price of love—all different manifestations—romantic, passions, familial, etc.
But Love Is Too Precious
Love is far too precious to be ashamed of in this way. Yes, well that is patently obvious to us, and such a fact just increases our anxiety. Still, the fact remains. It’s not going away.
Love is important enough that we would live up to its mark.
Love is worth the commitment we need to ensure it gets truth’s full billing.
When love meets with courage it is empowered to approach and accept the truth—whether that truth is something to be celebrated or commiserated.
We cannot go on in life without courage to realise love’s hope. Love deserves the fullest appreciation for what it can add to our lives.
Living a Life of Love Requires Courage
We all know this fact. It seems so obvious to us, but still it gets in our way.
When love is decisive, having the power of courage through awareness, and the will to do what must be done, love transforms life. Courage creates intentionality. And when we are intentional about those things we are passionate about, we ooze power; the right kind.
Love deserves courage, and just knowing this can help us risk for love. Both these help each other, for one without the other is stifled in effect and can never be what God ordained it to be from the beginning.
Over the many days of our lives we have many thousands of opportunities to express love, yet without courage such potential for love shrinks. We ought to realise the power of hope in love, if we will only have the courage to risk in faith.
Love is made bigger by courage; indeed it rises to full height with boldness. With courage underpinning our love we can achieve almost anything.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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