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Monday, November 4, 2013

Suffering Daily Injustices Very Well

WE DON’T suffer very well as a rule. We have so much rearing pride to deal with first – as our first, innermost response. Our thinking goes straight from the thalamus to the amygdala in what is known as an Amygdala hijack, so the higher order thought is bypassed. It’s little wonder we fight, take flight or freeze!
Employing our thinking brain (the neocortex) means slowing things down.
In regard to the injustices of life that press themselves against us, we need to know, that, by simply being aware of our distinctive reflex reaction, we can divert the hijack and allow thoughts to travel their God-intended pathway – so we may “see” properly, allowing our minds to perceive truth.
The truth is this: many things are set as traps against a reptilian mind that is also hindered by a selfish heart. We all have such a scourge against us: to rally against “an injustice” and allow ourselves free reign of response against it. This never works out well for us or for others.
We may all be tempted to flash off in visible anger, become quietly (and resentfully) annoyed, or take our chagrin out on the unsuspecting, because something doesn’t agree with our sense for justice.
Love is the Answer – Love is Always the Answer
It is hard to defeat a “foe” who won’t return fire. Such as it is for us when we suffer daily injustices very well.
Suffering well the injustices of daily life – like being moved from an office with windows to an office devoid of a view – is simple if we will choose to find the myriad blessings that remain, for they are there in plain view; the glory of God for all to see!
For every vagrant injustice, there are ten or a hundred beautiful fragrances of the Lord that remain; and nothing can snatch these from us!
When we can see with the eyes of truth – that there is much to be happy about – we will inevitably be enticed back into the practice and state of love.
Instead of responding by one of a number of varying fashions of annoyance – where our thinking is short-cut into hijack mode – we have the more attractive route to travel on: into the broadness of love – accepting the new reality, holus bolus.
Injustices swarm with living intent every day. Annoyance (pride) is the typical response. Coming to a serene acceptance, in the mode of the injustice, is not only possible, but it’s the gospel way. By faith in Jesus we can suffer daily injustices not only well, but very well.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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