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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fighting in Love for the Indefensible

BABY-BASHING is probably not a new phenomenon, notwithstanding its abhorrence, but there are a rash of videos being cast over the internet these days, and when they autoplay we are captive to a traumatic viewing. Just think how traumatic it is for the poor little boy or girl who is suffering the abuse.
No wonder there are so many damaged people around
When you see babies and children abused and neglected
In videos on Facebook, even on autostart
Who could watch and not be affected?
We never know when we encounter ‘bad’ people
Just what on earth as it is hell
They’ve been through,
So let us give them the benefit of our love
To love them ever so true!
The phenomenon is ghastly and it makes us sick. These babies and small children will grow up one day and they will be damaged beyond repair many of them. There is also the incidence of children who propagate the violence because they, themselves, have been or are violated. Not in all cases, but certainly in some.
Watching abuse – like watching pornography – is not good for the mind, so it is not good to watch these videos. But we ought not to pretend it doesn’t happen, for it does. It happens too much.
Every human being has a role in righteous justice to protect those weaker than themselves. If we neglect these responsibilities which are opportunities, also, we will only harm ourselves, not to mention them.
The main trouble with small children who are mistreated is the damage done to them, not to mention much the cruelty of the act itself.
The indefensible need an advocate and that is your role and mine.
The person who is stumbling needs a person who will give them a hand.
The little one is Jesus, and the little one is broken beyond redemption if we don’t do something about it – everything within our power and control. This is not to make us feel guilty or guiltier than we should. But we do need to ensure we protect life the best we possibly can.
All babies deserve the highest love, but too many receive the harshest treatment. All we can do is love those God has given us, but we can also defend those in our field of influence who are being abused. Abuse against children should never be tolerated.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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