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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Learning Discernment for Trusting Your Heart

It’s developed first in our heart

That reason to continue or part

The heart causes us to contemplate

Whether we continue or not to relate.

We may consider ending a relationship based on our thinking, but our hearts end up being the final Adjudicator. Likewise, it’s the heart that will commit us to remain, even when things are still quite impossible.

In our hearts is nurtured the hope for life.

But the heart involves us in the tricky business of discerning hope for life from the faculty of falsity that produces death. Nobody wants to invest in anything that will take them the wrong way in life. Yet it isn’t as easy as we think to differentiate between hope for life and faculties of falsity that produce death.

So often many forms of spiritual death come by the relationships we make or have made.

We come to regret our decisions to commit to a person, a venture, or some discretionary facet of life that we see now the waste that it is. Perhaps we trusted our heart, yet maybe also we decided rashly. Everyone regrets some decisions; some commitments that were made without venturing into the plausible potential.

It is never too late to rescind a decision; to reconsider, on the basis of a godly-discerned wisdom, what God would have us do. This is no cop-out, nor is it the opportunity to enter into a sin to cover over a sin. It’s an opportunity to make right the wrongs of yesterday or yesteryear.

Trusting our heart is about the wisdom of discernment; knowing what God would have us do; what the will of God would be. It is no foregone conclusion. It is difficult, even sometimes impossible, to accurately discern. But our hearts may indeed confirm what we are to do; after a great deal of thought.


Thinking, and a great deal of it, comes first.

But there is the frequent and seamless interaction of the mind as it communicates in the language of the heart, and vice versa.

The heart influences the mind, with trepidation initially, and then finally, with the purpose, reason, and drive to make the decision.

The mind is always the one that decides. The heart is its jury. The head is the judge carrying out the jury’s verdict. The mind executes what the heart has been won to.

Trust your heart, most especially as it has journeyed long and hard with the mind.

© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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