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Friday, May 16, 2014

Honour the Call on your Heart by Faith

MENTORING has its great rewards. To sit with someone and explore the fabric, the intensity, the struggles, and the victories of their life with them; it is a privilege replete with honour to think that God would bless us with these roles. Of course, any good mentor should be mentored. And that, too, is such a blessed experience – that someone I can learn from is interested in investing time, effort, and resources with me.

I have a certain someone on my mind as I write these words – a person, I think, who is an encouragement to many, but someone who is also neglected so far as encouragement is concerned; though people love him.

He has a calling on his heart – a godly calling to unite with the partner of his dreams – a godly woman who is sold to the covenant of Kingdom.

Too many times we are dealt the legalistic rhetoric as singles – “Wait, grow in Christ as you go, but wait patiently, and do nothing hasty.” I agree with the sentiment, but it does young men and young women of Christian faith no good to have to negate their calling; a most intrinsic heart-calling. There is nothing wrong with getting to know those of the opposite gender and see where God leads. Indeed, to stop doing so would be to give way to our fear of rejection.

This young man has a more pivotal and pulsating calling. He is wedded to Christ. That is, of itself, inspiring. But he also knows that celibacy is not something he (or most, for that matter) is called to.


When we sense the calling on our hearts to follow a particular path we are blessed to walk that path by faith.

It seems a no-brainer, but never is walking the path by faith an easy option, though we may know it’s the right way.

Never is walking by faith, that path of righteousness, devoid of its own necessity for wisdom.

We are counselled well if, having sensed the call on our hearts, we have retained the call, and made inroads into the revelation of it in our own lives.

To honour that call of Christ – and to honour that specific call to partner with someone to the ultimate goal of marriage – is a diligent task. Diligence can never fail us. To honour such a calling of Christ is the reverence of respect to the making of commitments, and the winning of commitments generally predisposes us to further spiritual awakening.

If you have a calling on your heart, honour it by faith, because it is only faith, by his grace, that can save you!

© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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