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Saturday, January 31, 2015

10 Spiritual Lessons In Moving Home

Moving home is a challenge, physically, mentally, emotionally, and especially spiritually – as we add those physical, mental, and emotional stresses and tests together we are ‘graced’ with outcomes that ravage our spirituality.
These, below, are ten spiritual lessons that come to mind as I reflect:
1.     Be mighty thankful for the diligence in your partner as you work as a team to bring about a successful move. She or he is doing what you probably don’t do quite so well. Appreciate them.
2.     Though the work ahead seems long, and arduous is the strain, with each step there are rewards of progress. Keep looking forward and you manage what would despair you at times.
3.     Plan, plan, plan, and then when you’ve finished planning, review those plans, which is another type of planning. But don’t just plan – execute those plans.
4.     Of all the people that help us, we have this responsibility: to make them aware that we care for them and that we foresee their needs even as they help.
5.     Changing homes can bring a great deal of uncertainty in our spirit. New surroundings can either liberate or confound. It’s fitting to prepare the mind for such an experience where the heart feels as only the heart can feel.
6.     Knowing the body is only so good. Sometimes, many times, we are able to exceed our body’s normal limits, but the optimistic mind – borne on the wings of faith – is the key. Stay positive and more can be achieved.
7.     Be patient when progress is slow. When unexpected obstacles arise, steady the teeming moment. Every significant project or task will test us in some way.
8.     Change is the opportunity for improvement; to set a new standard. Embark on what can be done, without thought for the limits of past.
9.     When the body is sore, and the temperament is fatigued, and thinking processes grind slowly, we may seem defeated. Nothing could be further from the truth. We can take comfort in those weary muscles, though they’re painful, and in a mind and soul that’s been taken to their limits.
10. Take time, after the dust of the move has settled, and review the learning. An earnest attempt at reflection with retrieve the wisdom of God, spoken in the words only we are able to understand.
Change is stretching and renewing, and it will make us better if we submit optimistically.
We can embrace change because of our unchanging God. Nothing we face is impossible to adapt to because God’s unchanging nature is utterly faithful.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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