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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Prayer – A Momentary Language of Being

Prayerful life. There really is no substitute. There are praises to God when life is well. There are pleas to God when things are not so well. And there is the burgeoning hope of hearing from the Lord.
When life just seems,
To not be going very well,
And you feel you could,
Be going through hell,
It pays to smile,
And know it won’t last,
Just grit your teeth,
And say, “This, too, shall pass!”
Prayer helps when the moment’s hell closes in on us. When the very seconds are tenuous, and impatience for anger seems to boil inside of us, we pray.
To know that we can endure anything when we surrender to God through mindfulness in prayer; this is a great ally to our sanity. And to know that surrender is just a form of patience that innovates for a different solution; that’s empowering.
Peace is what God brings us when we advocate for acceptance regarding the things we cannot change about life. A step further in this direction of acceptance is hope that we can sustain ourselves. Then joy is what we will enter into!
Continue to pray,
Keep praying through the day,
In your thoughts,
And in your words and deeds,
Beautiful prayer,
The sowing of good seeds,
Interceding over needs,
As the Spirit leads.
One thing,
Be sure,
Continue to pray,
Every conscious moment,
Throughout every single day.
Prayer is a solution for all ills. By prayer I mean continual communication with God – a continual God-consciousness. That is, to think on the things of God, about the morality of our actions (and actions in general), to ask his advice, to ponder reflective musings theologically, and to otherwise be godly in all thought – as far as possible.
By being the purveyor of prayer we cooperate with God where he, alone, can help.
We cannot master this practice of life without surrendering to the forces that are forever beyond us.
When we succeed in giving over the remote control of our lives to the Lord, whilst being discerning and decisive wherever we can, we agree to step forth in wisdom.
And to pray, continually and mindfully and soulfully, is wisdom.
Prayer ought never to be something we schedule in our days. It should be a constant flow of communication with God. Prayer is practicing the Presence of God wherever we are.
If we are willing to pray continually, God will bring to us a steady stream of issues to be prayed for, by his Spirit.
© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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