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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

When Peace Is Known In Anxiousness

Jesus told us that we shouldn’t fret, for he had overcome the world.
But that, as a concept, can seem so foreign in our day, for surely Jesus lived in a less stressed day? Wrong. The stresses of Jesus’ day were no less apparent. Indeed, there was certainly less civility than we are used to, less social systems, and a more antiquated justice.
But there is a clear fact we are also missing: the Word of God is an eternal Word. It’s a Word spoken through the realms of eternity into the domain of time. It’s a Grace that exceeds every concept of grace we can imagine. Only with God is there peace of such a cogent sort as to not be able to explain it.
Such peace is a miracle because it is experienced by faith, which, of its own, it a dichotomy when held with reason. Faith makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. And that’s why it’s a miracle.
Peace can be known despite the experience of anxiousness, so it’s something we accept with our anxiousness. And as we sit more comfortably with our anxiousness, we sit more comfortably with life, and we experience more peace – a peace that is unlike any conception of peace we ever thought of.
We ask less questions. We are happier sitting still than running after all sorts of things. Or perhaps we hunger for these very things; well then, they shall ultimately be ours! For, the person who seeks, finds; the person who knocks at a door persistently enough will have that door opened to them.
Confusion may threaten,
Anxiousness may reign,
But there is peace,
In God, beyond pain.
That’s the miracle,
That’s what’s sought,
That peace of God’s,
Through His Son it was bought.
So claim it now,
Make it your intended,
For in the Spirit of the LORD,
You are defended!
As we seek God we have our minds and hearts gradually challenged and opened.
And this seeking after God is not a patterned thing; there is no method to follow, apart from the necessity to obey against the flow of our will.
Opposite the method most seek to master, faith is aligned with the peace that cannot be explained, only enjoyed.
When faith is lived as God desires it should there is a profound peace that may be tapped into. That is the search we are all on. A peace that transcends our anxiousness is available for us all to experience.
And only through faith and God is it sustainably available.
Somehow, faith in Jesus Christ leads us to an inexplicable yet a commanding peace, and both in equally significant portions. In this we are defended by grace.
The defence of grace is peace over travail.
© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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