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Friday, February 20, 2015

A Paradoxically Absurd Meaning for Life

So confused are the purposes for life in God that many people give up in frustration, despair, or impatience. The attractions of the world are too much of a temptation. Anyone who has had a significantly hard run at life for any length of time – think years – will have been tempted by the devil to give up on God.
But we come at belief in God toward faith the wrong way if we are beaten back and forth by the storms of situational experience. Yet, we are all beaten back into the corners of our situational experience.
Some take the blows of life on the chin, some are knocked down by them, and some again absorb them into their experience.
Only the latter person – who absorbs the blows of life into their experience – reacts the God wills all of us to respond.
But there is a key motivator that empowers us to absorb the blows of life.
This is it: imagining life from the viewpoint of eternity, we see we cannot come back. All of what life was for us is done. Think of dying right now. How would that place us before the sight of God – judged for the good and bad things we’d done.
We need to prepare for our deaths now. That’s what gives us meaning for life!
Before it’s too late we can right the ship that is our life. We have the choice of choosing Jesus and living for him. It could be too late to put the decision off any longer.
Looking back from the porthole of eternity we are forever cut off from an existential life. No longer does the existential experience matter as far as we’re personally concerned. But, while we are here, we have everything changeable at our grasp.
What we endure in this life – no matter how hard it is – is worth enduring, because this life is almost over. Once we have crossed over from life to death to eternity, in a blink, all of what we endured will suddenly be seen in its true light. No more injustice, no more suffering, no more pain.
A paradoxical absurd meaning for life is, it only matters from the viewpoint of death.
When we can comfortably look at life through the porthole of eternity we have every purpose for life we will ever need.
We all have to say goodbye to our loved ones, and this world, at some point. It’s not that far away. What sounds depressing is the very impetus we need to make the most of life now. With this outlook we can endure anything in this life.
© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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