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Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Bevy Full of Blessings Over You and Yours

GRANTED the special bond there is given to care for oneself, others, and for each other, there is blessing that may be prayed over us, others, and for each other. This is, as we say, the privilege of care that we have been given, to love, to live, to be, to enjoy, to sow, and to reap. Blessing is a very special accord. It is a solidarity with God that we might only enjoy — either in the giving or in the receiving. Blessing is oneness, a unity, a sprinkling of unanimity; that has the purposes of unabashed love.
Here is a blessing:
God bless all yours,
May He guide you each day,
May you walk through His doors,
May you follow His way.
May God bless you and yours, in your ways. May God bless you and yours, always. May He guide. And may you and yours seek His guidance. May you only walk through, and not balk at, those open doors He has for you and yours. May you follow His way, and only His. May you know His will and have the virtue sufficient to carry it out.
Bless you with God’s grace,
Bless you with God’s peace,
May He bless you with space,
May you receive His release.
May you be granted the blessings of God’s grace, amounting to wisdom and peace and release. May you experience what it feels like to have space, cognitively, emotionally, spiritually, physically, over your time. May you genuinely experience true release; to be given to the freedom of being God lavishes over you.
Bless who you are,
Bless what you do,
May God take you far,
May God hold you true.
May you truly be you. May who you are come out in what you do. May everything that glorifies God find fullness through you. And, in that, may God extend the borders of your fruitfulness, into the dominion of His power and Kingdom. And, in that, may God hold you fervently true.
May blessings abound to you in what you do and within who you are.
May you receive every good thing: joy, peace, patience, the power of love, and a vision for the future, as well as faith for the present. May it well up within you to an exceeding level that simply reinforces God’s goodness, in, through, and all over your life.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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