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Monday, June 22, 2015

A New Way to View Your Time

FATHER’S day and Mother’s Day communicate two things: how important they are to us and how important they were. And if we never had such loving examples of what all of life is about, then we know for sure what we miss.
Yet, in our personality culture (where personalities disturb our focus from the family) we lose sight of the importance of the actual life that God has given us. Some of us want to know all about the personalities we love. Others of us want to become more of what or who the personality brand is. Others, again, want to become a personality in their own right. A personality is a celebrity.
Everything we hold as important in life has an impact on our time.
We always find time to do the things that are important to us. And if what is important to us in not really that important — on the eternal stage — then we are wasting our lives. We get to ask of ourselves, if we are reflective, how much of our lives are we wasting (as opposed to leisure time, which is healthy)?
None of us want to admit to too many people we are wasting our lives. But God knows and so do we.
We are living for eternity. That is a fact of reality. But it may not be a fact of our experience. We might be living a lie of a life like most of the population. We have all denied God’s truth so regularly; that has translated in our wasted use of time.
We are living for eternity. Everything we do in this earthly life will have significance in that life over yonder — just a bit further away than we can see or know.
A new way to view our time is to live intentionally for eternity — to make the absolute most of our family relationships right now. This doesn’t mean we have to spend all our time with our parents, but it does mean it’s crucial to say what only we can say now, while we have the chance. It doesn’t mean we have to live in our siblings’ back pockets, but we are compelled, by our limited time here, to put things right so far as it depends on us. We make things right between us and estranged friends. We ensure our children know — by our actions — how much they are loved. We respect and are kind to our co-workers and neighbours, now. And underpinning all this is an approach to our own personhood couched in truth.
We get the therapy we need while we can so we can life at peace with our truth.
Time is understatedly precious. The best way to view time is back from a vision from eternity.
Everything looks right through a true lens. The only true lens with which to view time is through the lens of eternity.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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