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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Understanding the Reason to Forgive

PEOPLE who hurt people with no remorse: we can feel genuinely sorry for them.
This is not about silly, illogical sentiment; it’s just that they have no idea.
They have no idea the hurt they cause, for if they did — if they really knew — they wouldn’t have done what they did, and they wouldn’t do what they do.
Because they don’t understand they are the ones missing out; not those of us reeling in hurt. They miss out on the liberating reality of a truth that would set them free — a truth that breaks them out of the shackles that hide them from true peace with God — that they do not know they are missing.
Now, it might be easy for some to say, “You shouldn’t be so sensitive.” Yet, if they believe in a risen Saviour, they also believe, by default, that the other person’s perceptions matter — it is called love, for love thinks of others above itself.
Nobody can say they love others, yet, at the same time, allow another person to walk around with a grudge against them, despondent. If they know someone has been hurt by them, then they are compelled to try and make it right. Can’t always make that happen, mind you. But there needs to be the effort of love to make things right.
It’s up to all of us who love Christ to believe beyond despair that reconciliation is possible.
Actions to Take
Pray for them. That one day they might be blessed to know the truth. That one day they would have the opportunity and find the courage to repent. Sincerely, they need our prayers. We pray that God would release them from the spiritual binds they probably have no clue of. Pray for them.
We should pray at the very same time: “Lord, show me my sin and give me the courage to apologise. AMEN.”
We are not so perfect as to be completely aware of the matters of sin we have engaged in that propagated hurt against others. Sometimes we are oblivious.
The best peace in the world is that of God’s grace because of our repentance.
Repentance is central to the eternal gospel message — for an estranged humanity to turn back to God through the acceptance of Jesus Christ.
When we repent, the heavens pour out over us their angelic glory.
The reason to forgive is to experience this heavenly blessing. To forgive or be forgiven is to engage heartily in repentance — forgiveness is a turning back to God.
When we have forgiven or we have received someone’s forgiveness we have done the will of God.
Forgiveness is the second chance at life. Bitterness is the resignation of death.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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