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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Why Forgiveness Is All About Justice

FROM where we left off (Why Forgiveness Isn’t About Justice At All) this article takes the mirror image view — forgiveness is all about justice, and nothing else.
Because God forgave humankind, showing bearers of His glorious image how to interrelate, we ought to respond in kind.
Because God offers forgiveness unconditionally — no matter what sins we’ve committed — it stands that we ought to forgive any and all sin done against us.  For, in the first case, the sins that God has forgiven were and are against Him and Him alone.  In the second case, the sins done against us are against Him, too, just like the sins we do against others — yes, we transgress, too — are done against Him.
Some sins are done against us.  Some sins, against others.  Yet, all sins offend God.
All sin is done against God, yet God has forgiven all sin.
Not all sin is done against us, yet we do all types of sin.
We do all types of sin, against a sinless God, who has forgiven us, and yet we do not forgive others.
Can we see a problem with that?  I can see, in myself, a very pernicious sin for the many times I’ve withheld my forgiveness of others, because, despite my hurt, I had no right to withhold my mercy.  Again, I repent.
There is the reader who reads this with sceptic forlornness.  They feel that without vindication they cannot move forward.  Yet that vindication may never come.  Besides, are they so willing to make vindication to God for their own sin?  They cannot, ever.  It brings them into a fresh reflection.  Their honesty bequeaths a blessed humility, able to see and believe from their heart, “God, Glorious; and me, a humble sinner.”
Whoever sees a problem within themselves will allow the existence of the same problem in others.  Whoever is forgiven much will find much that is forgivable in another.
If we wish to be more forgiving, we need to be honest about our need of forgiveness.
© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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