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Monday, May 23, 2016

OBCASIO – A Reflection About Moments and Occasions

Through the changing fortunes of life,
As the divergent challenges mingle with fleeting celebrations,
When days endured long ago seem easier than now,
Understand that “now” is that terrifying concept called “reality,”
That no moment can be predicted,
And no reality can be said to be an easy prospect to deal with.
Live in time pregnant with possibility and gravid of opportunity,
That compels vulnerability to the elements of reality,
More than any would ever like to admit,
But do care enough to share.
Special times give the distinct sense they cannot be captured,
And horrendous instances are a gaping reminder,
That all moments on earth are a mystery,
None can own even one iota of them.
People come and inhabit and grow into life,
And are always taken for granted,
Which is no excuse not to make all of life about relationships.
All of life is about the here and now,
The learned past, and wonders to come.
Stay patient when you have the urge to bust out of the moment,
Have the poise to understand the size of God in your midst,
Knowing that He who loves His creation never lets go,
And He who authored peace out of the pen of love,
Compels the stillness of serenity by His Presence.
Realise that terror is as much wondrous as is excitement,
Though do not wish terror on a single soul.
Praise God whilst there is the chance,
Spend time and make effort with family,
Make the most of now,
And brace the moment of possibility within its own sacred reality.
(Obcasio is Latin for chance, moment, occasion, opportunity.)
© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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