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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Church Community As God’s Answer of Love for His World

God’s holy church gets a lot of stick these days, which is not a new concept.  Such ‘popular’ thought has rumbled through the minds of many learned persons and into the public square since Christendom was first challenged by modernism (1850s – 1940s) and ultimately overthrown by postmodernism (1950s – present).
But, for all its foibles, the church really is the only ultimate answer for a hurting world.
It’s the only answer, because it’s God’s answer, from time immemorial.
This article cannot, by its brevity, be a definitive exposé.  But it can be a contribution for thought: church is the doxology of God on earth.
Church is the answer the hurting person needs, because it’s a community response in the character of God’s love.  God designed us to live in community, but we only survive in safety and thrive on opportunity.  Church offers acceptance and purpose.
Church exists to see the lost saved, the hurting healed, the disciple grown, the devoted servant serving, the evangelist preaching the good news.  Church exists so that all God’s creations would be found, receive forgiveness, find purpose within God’s Kingdom, to make every life count.
Church meets every individual at every stage of life’s journey.  It endeavours to bring a portent of heaven to earth through human beings enabled by the Holy Spirit.
Church is God’s answer to a broken world asking the hardest questions of life.  Church doesn’t offer flippant or packaged answers, but it attests to broken realities, transcending them through love itself, accepting many questions are unanswerable, moving on in love beyond the questions to the heart of human need.
It’s love the world wants.  Love is the answer.  Love is the healing all crave.
And love is found in community.
Church knows it’s not answers a hurting world wants.  It’s love the world needs.
God’s love, living and active through His Word, empowered by His Holy Spirit, reaches out through His Church.
© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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