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Monday, May 30, 2016

Picking Up the Pieces When Life is Broken

Not everyone, sure, but some have such brokenness, there are massive pieces strewn over the campus of their lives that, if picked up, contribute to a miracle of God’s grace to resurrect.  For one it’s their own personal problems.  For another it’s a dysfunctional family to recover from.  From a third, it’s the pivotal betrayal of a spouse.
But everyone, at some time, has to pick up the pieces of what feels like a broken shell of a life, and God will save the person who surrenders to Him through such a purifying experience.
It’s how faith in God works.
First we endure the shock of a circumstance we’re called to embrace.  Then we plan our way through — stepping in faith buoyed by hope, even as hope seems vanquished.  Finally, we believe, especially in the darkest times, that God is very near and very much with us.  And He is, as much as we believe.  That very belief, don’t underestimate it, gets us through some tenuous ‘giving up’ moments.
Picking up the pieces teaches us we can do it.
Picking up the broken pieces of our lives shows us how we put ourselves together again.
There is no more beautiful a human being as one who is beautifully cracked and perfectly broken.
When we first come to collect those shattered fragments we see scattered on the floor, we’re so discouraged, but the attitude that picks them up cheerfully anyway is what redeems us in Jesus’ name.
If we can pick up the pieces when we’re down, we can do anything when we’re up.
© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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