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Friday, January 13, 2017

From Little Things, Big Things Grow

One recent working day, a full eight-hours to labour, I had a revelation — why do I ask God to hurry those few hours? The truth is we all have components of our lives we would rather hasten or skip. But a bigger, burgeoning truth: hasten or skip anything and we rush to our deaths.
It’s the same with our growth. Too often we’re quick to rush to an outcome like a goal. The problem is we take a short cut to the goal and we compromise our success.
It’s like the moneybox we bought our three-year-old son. We gave it to him with a few coins inside. The next day we let him help clean the car out and told him he could keep the coins he found. He put them inside his portable bank account and shook it. “It’s not full yet. Can I have some more money for my moneybox?” He wasn’t happy that it’s going to take a full year to fill it up.
We wish our lives away — the hard and bad bits, anyway — never realising that these precious seconds we never get back. Yet, God’s Presence is with us and can be experienced anytime. Whether we desire or detest what we do, it’s all fluff compared with reality that’s eternally true.
Good things take time to develop. From little things, big things inevitably grow.
Growth has about it this promise: as slow as it takes to secure, is as sure as it is to stick.
Our time is finite. It’s all we have.

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