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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Acts of Kindness and the Propulsion of Love

I watched I AM by Tom Shadyac with some good friends and was inspired by the thrust of its message — love is in our DNA. Incredibly, as one of my friends was opening his car door to leave we had a random guy ride up my driveway on his bike and, nose-to-nose with my friend and I, picked a fight, to which we both said at the same time, words to the effect, “No, man, we won’t fight with you. We’re only interested in love.” As if in complete rewind, he immediately backed off, said he was lost, and then asked for directions to Leach Highway, which we promptly gave him! Off he went…
Non-violence is the thesis of victory over the disease of materialism, because materialism is the basis of all aggression, and aggression will certainly be the end of humankind. But, astoundingly, as we refuse to engage violence with violence, becoming the pacifier, people join our collective strength, for our strength is not in our solitude, but in our solidarity.
Acts of kindness may be small, but there is a sure cumulative effect, as each kindness is done it is added to the movement of kindnesses bestowed and school of such kindnesses are the body of the propulsion of love.
Kindnesses joined with kindnesses are propelled in some seemingly random pattern, but they all coalesce in love. No kindness is wasted, ever.
If you and me and soon almost everyone else committed one or two kindnesses a day, a movement of love could sweep the world. The propulsion of love is about believing in the power of miniscule acts of kindness to create such a movement.
We’re interconnected more than we know, which is why every random kindness makes more than its share of difference.

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