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Monday, January 30, 2017

Meditation on the Most Excellent Way

God gave the created world a most magnificent thing — a Most Excellent Way for living life. He called it “Love,” and made this unfathomable thing to be a possession within reach of all humanity and life.
This Most Excellent Way was to be possessed most by those who would possess nothing else. Those coveting nothing. In this, God showed Himself as utterly other-than the creations He created, those He created in His Very Image. They were made for this Most Excellent Way, but their way had been corrupted. Just as well, this Most Excellent Way was still accessible through the chief of God’s gifts: His Holy Spirit, given of the Father, the Giver of good and the best of all gifts, because of the Son, through His cross of redemption and resurrection of victory over the evil one.
Here is a meditation on the Most Excellent Way:
Oh Lord my God, Who created the universe most excellently through Love, and created nothing that wasn’t already “good” or “very good,” Your Most Excellent Way is Divine.
It is everything that, by nature, I am not, and yet You have gifted every lover of Good to partake in its access. And I choose for it, now. Make me ever to choose for it.
Bring it to be in my consciousness that I would conjure it, and in my conscience, that I would ever hunger and thirst for the righteousness of the Most Excellent Way.
Bring it to pass that I would be sufficiently curious to ever learn more about this Thing that You have made to be within my possession. Bring it about that I would want nothing other, because, in it, I would have every worthy thing.
Oh Love, Most Excellent Way, what if I desired You more? I’d have less fear to consume me, more peace to enjoy, less hate to resist, more kindness to offer, less envy to burden my heart, more joy to share, less pride to plunder life by savagery, more patience and contentment, less vitriol on bad days, et cetera.
You, Love, Most Excellent Way, are the wisdom of God eternal.
You make a way for all things to be made anew.
You are so far from overall reach, yet You remain accessible to the degree of our interest. As is life, You are tantalising and ever blossoming on the horizon.
Your interest is holiness, God of Love, and though we’re not holy, You love us to the extent that You believe we can become holier, which is loving, an entirely humble terminus of spirit.
What I would give to have more of You, for before You and after You and in You is life in abundance; dear, heavenly life.
So, to You, Most Excellent Way of Love, I give myself; for You I rejoice.

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