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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Look into the mirror and what do you see?

Photo by Bekah Russom on Unsplash

FOR all those who question their background, their basis, their being, here’s an irresistible truth:
Look into the mirror and who do I see?
Why, it’s Mum and Dad looking back at me.
(Author Unknown)
What is a biological fact, our very makeup, is incontrovertible. Whether we love our parents or are estranged, these two individuals who made us the human being we have become are solely responsible.
We are but one manifestation of who they both could create.
Those two people could have made trillions of different persons. Yet God used them both to create you. You won the race — the first one of ten or fifteen million — if you were naturally conceived. But this article isn’t actually about you. It’s about them.
What do you think when you think of them? They could be marvellous people. One parent could be marvellous. One or both could be frauds. But the fact remains, one man and one woman, their genetic material put together, made you. That person who looks back at you from the mirror bears their resemblance — you are from them.
Does that change anything? I’m not indicating it would. But for some it could change something. It’s like the idea that our progeny bear one half of us, whether they like it or not.
Within the generations there should be some empathy for the shared human condition. This life is fleeting. The twenty-year-old today has their fifty years of prominence, yet in twenty-five years their youth is gone. The years are long, but life is short.
I look into the mirror, and who do I see? It’s a fleeting moment of reality looking back at me.

Life is about relationships and time; abundance is in using time wisely to love well.

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