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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Never taking Gratitude for Granted again

Photo by Courtney Hedger on Unsplash

TAKING life for granted is something we’ve got down to an art form, especially in the West. Yet, there are myriads of blessings showered upon us daily, many of which sustain our lives; that we never quite think will fade… until they do.
Take a walk along the wild side and imagine the Procurer of Life doing what only He can do:
God’s love breathes down when our lungs swell up.
God breathes His love into us when our lungs fill with air. Every cell He engineered and built and sustains. Every cell He fuels and maintains. Every air molecule purpose designed to catalyse creative effort. And as we exhale that air is purged into air that’s safe to re-breathe.
God supplies the next breath. He, indeed, is breath — YAH… WEH — inhalation (YAH) and exhalation (WEH); the God of all. His name is the only two syllable word that can be simply breathed. By breath He is. He is ours as we live to breathe. We are His, for we cannot survive without this precious mix of compound gases for our lungs, for our cells and our being; for our existence. He has given us that 20 or 21 percent oxygen that we need — beautifully and intelligently designed in fresh air.
He invents the senses, energises us to feel them, and grants us the capacity to perceive.
From atoms to the astronomical this God of love has loved through cohesive creation.
He touches us through the oddest, worldliest thing, a fascinating narrative, the expression of emotion, yet we know He is behind the wondrous mystery that captivates the moment.
He opens His mouth and speaks life and hope into us. Especially, mostly, when we have waited, impatiently, impetuously, for a Word before its time.

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