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Friday, February 23, 2018

When tempted to retreat, prepare to advance

Photo by Philip Swinburn on Unsplash
TODAY, this very day, which will soon be yesterday, I received two things: a frontal assault of the enemy, and the full support of the Lord.
The enemy attacked my mind, making me overwhelmed in busyness. I was stricken of heart, discouraged by a burden too heavy to carry. I seriously said the words of retreat; I fully intended to act. I even began to act.
And then something happened. God’s Presence within me made me aware of something. I recognised the attack. I had not picked it up until then.
God said words to the effect, ‘Do not shrink back — I will give you what you need. Don’t retreat; advance.’ And God did give me what I needed.
Suddenly I was impelled forward in my thinking. I called my wife and withdrew my control. I had previously told her, we must slow down; the pace is killing me (words to the effect). That had diminished the flame within her. I didn’t see it at the time. But God gave me the vision. I called my wife, and said it was an attack, and that it would be wrong to slow down and stop. She simply agreed. She knew. And such is her wisdom, she waited.
What I learned again, in a fresh way, is the enemy of God is compelled to discourage us. He loves nothing more than for us to retreat, even quit. One thing the enemy doesn’t count on, however, is the inimitable strength we get from God when we advance.
After we have been assailed by attack, and we have advanced in honour and obedience for our Lord, then, when things have steadied, it is time to gather ourselves. We are soldiers and the mire is heavy underfoot.
What do soldiers do when they are not being attacked? They prepare for the next attack — yes, they get ready and then they rest up.

Be battle ready.

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