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Thursday, May 23, 2019

When Justice Rains Down from Heaven

What would happen if all the secrets in the world were suddenly made known? If every abuse was brought out into the light. If every good deed done in secret was revealed for God’s glory, so that truth would be known and each and every survivor would receive their immediate and owed vindication.
What would happen if suddenly nobody could deny, ignore or refute the truth? If every abuse suddenly had the spotlight shined on it. If every abuser was suddenly naked before every peering eye. Like a cataclysmic spotlight that shone in every evil place, brilliantly, simultaneously, so the wicked had no place to hide.
What would happen if there were no more secrets? If nobody who had to keep their secret felt they had to keep it secret any more. If everyone who kept a dark secret was found out. If all the evil was purged at once from the earth.
What would happen if there were no more future abuses? If the truth had rained down forever and secrets were impossible to keep hidden. If justice was now irrepressible. If sin had no refuge anymore, and everyone actually lived as if they were in the full Presence of the fear of God.
What would happen if those who suffered horrendous abuses were suddenly seen and heard and believed and supported and loved and cared for? If they saw their noonday vindication, and could hardly believe it for the fact that it had arrived in the fullest array of reality. If in real life, in real living colour, raw emotions of release and peace were felt at last as it were promised from long ago.
What would happen if those who long thought they’d never have a charge to answer found themselves bereft of defence and completely forlorn of excuse? If evil personified was finally arraigned in a fashion that was such a  rabid justice that the survivor only felt pity on them, such was the swiftness and severity of the consequent punishment. If the survivor of abuse was dramatically and miraculously relieved of the effects of their trauma. If they were healed in one agile movement of grace.
What would happen if everything promised from creation’s beginning came to pass this instant? If heaven fell to the floor of this moment’s eternity and completely transformed the existential cusp. If justice came amid eternity’s promise.
Oh what a day that would be!
Hope upon hope. Justice comes. It is coming.
And though this life hardly presents upon our perception that these wishes are realities, they are in fact eternal realities that are realer than even this life’s experiences.

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