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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Belief Bridge to Peace

Faith, we should know, is a very practical concept.

When we’re frustrated faith is often the only thing that will help us see, in wisdom, what is apparent, yet we so often don’t see because we are blinded by a lack of faith.

We lack the belief that good will come of bad simply via our inferior mental attitude; doubting that doesn’t abide in God’s providing grace.

Faith, however, is a bridge — a bridge of belief.

The Belief Bridge

When we believe that God is utterly good, we believe he has got a good diversion for us when we become frustrated or approach same.

In an instant we see it in plain truth. This is not visible; it’s believed invisibly. Those close to the faith will understand this. We live by faith, not sight.

The appropriate diversion reaches our minds because our minds are open to it — indeed, we’re looking for it. The mind is no longer closed in outdated views bereft of faith.

The Belief Bridge is simply a moment in time when we retain an open mind as to what God might be doing in this situation that burdens us. Getting to the Belief Bridge is a moment’s awareness of the incongruity between frustration and faith; the choice between the two.

Diversion is Not the End Point

Peace is the end point — a reward for faith.

As we’ve seen, getting from frustration to peace in the blink of an eye is possible via faith. The Belief Bridge, through diversion, takes us there.

Faith gets us to peace.

From here, as far as frustration is concerned, we must now be able to see that faith can achieve all things, where without it we’d be confounded. But with it all things are possible.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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