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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pause – Don’t Panic

Our feelings are quick to betray us, as our reptilian and mammalian brains hold sway when times are tense. If we react, we hurt; we make things worse. We’ll have cause for remorse.

Having the wherewithal to respond in a calm, considered way is our goal.

We do this when we:

1. Have sufficient head and heart space from an unhurried perspective.

2. Understand that their reaction to us was made because they, perhaps, lacked the composure they wished they had had.

3. Understand that any ‘reaction’ on our part, other than an objective mature one, will backfire.

4. Bear the word “pause” firmly in mind, even if it seems it would cause us to lose the moment. Later, we may very well be thankful we did pause.

The higher-order (Neocortex) brain is the one empowering us to absorb any of the hurt that has hit us — whether by matter of a direct attack or because our egos have been pummelled.

The Neocortex brain is the wise, mature mind. It can be employed anytime by any of us. We simply ponder the action before committing to it. We commit it to prayer, even as the moment unfolds.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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