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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Extra Grace Required?

Isn’t it interesting to observe our inner discord when a loud neighbour will not recant their boisterousness? Raucousness seems to be their licence.

Most of us are bothered by relatively innocuous things when we’re honest.

Digging a Little Deeper to Reveal Truth

Perhaps it’s our introverted or respectful nature that insists, quietly within, that they mend their ways. But if we believe that we’re less gracious than we appear.

The real issue is we have little abiding compassion to understand the struggles of their lives; the things that will explain why they are way they are. A good reason to explore this topic is, the only way we’ll have a peaceable internality about the noisy or disruptive one is if we delve deeply in the truth of grace.

This grace-idea has logic beyond our conceited human understanding and when we choose for it we give up our strained, angry will for one making infinitely more sense; the fact that peace is available in not knowing and not needing to know.

Behind, in and through every seemingly obnoxious person are truths too difficult for us.

Unquestioning Empathy Helps – It’s God’s View

We cannot, and should not attempt to, understand what life is like for them — it’s a wicked diversion. It will take us to a wonderland of relational compromise because we’re bound to get it wrong.

We are best, instead, to ask God to fill us with divine compassion — that which transcends our understanding every time.

From here we empty the mind of dissonance, and a heart of loathing, for this person testing our patience.

Isn’t it humbling how quickly we lose sight of the mind and will of God? And though the Spirit finds sin despicable, it’s ever neutral — never offended — utterly beyond the conceitedness of human emotion.

Whenever we feel compelled to pour disdain over another person we could verily see the grace-response that God issues, even at our offence.

Are we so lovely... easy to get along with... perfect?

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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