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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Prayer and the Miracle of Forgiveness

Those doubting the power in forgiveness will doubt we have achieved it. This should not trouble or dismay us. These people who doubt probably don’t know from whose Hand this miracle of forgiveness is from. If they did, they would not doubt. They would instead partake of this cherished blossom for replete good.
Forgiveness in its complete sense is a miracle of God. When no pain remains where there once was, all we can credit for it is sight: we see this situation as God sees it.
Portraying the Felt Experience of Forgiveness
How might forgiveness be experienced other than felt? Some might ask, “Has the hurt been driven deeply down, and inaccessible, to the psyche?” “Is it now unconscious to them?”
For us who partake in the miracle of forgiveness it seems irrelevant in the moment, other than to venture curiously, when we have the time, in addressing the question. We have no reason to doubt the miracle.
All we know is this felt sense of harmony is real, and it comes with no effort on our parts, and we can just know it is not entirely of us. We cannot take credit other than to thank God for the wisdom of faith in this situation.
When we feel not a shred of vengeance towards someone who has hurt us, and we may see with the eyes of our heart their hurt that propelled them to hurt us, we have been gifted, miraculously, the sight of God.
We cannot put a price on this sense of felt experience. All we wanted was to not feel hurt any more. And that is exactly what we feel now. The hurt is gone, though the memory remains. Through prayer God has caused a change in our hearts. Through prayer we have been healed.
The Miraculous Healing of Forgiveness
Healing is such a necessary function enabling life. Whether it is physical healing or spiritual healing we are desperate for it when we need it.
But in our desperation we can end up doing the very things that prove as barriers for healing. Desperation breeds frustration. After a while we begin to insist that God would heal us.
But miracles don’t work that way.
Then when we pray and leave our healing to God, regarding the felt experience of forgiveness, God begins to work in the situation in a multiplicity of ways. He works supernaturally, within our unconscious minds, and within our hearts too. God is working in the heart of the other person as well. There are many more dimensions than these four.
How forgiveness works is a mystery, but it is assisted never more than via our faithfulness. The vehicle to faithfulness that augments the miracle is prayer.
When we do all we can to reconcile our hearts and our thinking we open every door and remove every barrier, on our side, to restore hope that the relationship would experience feelings of love once more.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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