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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Grudges Sour Forgiveness’ Flower

“Grudges allow my indignation and hurt to drown any whisper of self reproach.
Beautiful is the spirit of the person,
Bringing wonderful news,
They encapsulate God’s blessing,
Not one party stands to lose.
Not easy in this world,
Is it ever to procure,
A flag of peace unfurled:
God’s healing is ever pure.
Beyond the grudge held ‘securely’ within is the opportunity to be the bearer of good news in the lives of those we have hurt by simple yet courageous acts of repentance. In such a case we seek forgiveness, but not before we have owned all of our wrong (without reservation) in the offended party’s presence.
Mercy is begotten in humble recognition of the truth: we could have done better, and that is okay. There is no lasting recrimination for the repentant.
In truth is freedom.
The Risk and Return in, and of, Repentance
It seems a gospel imperative that is largely forgotten in this day: repentance. We soon forget that it was through repentance that we were brought to fellowship with our Father, through Christ; the acquisition of the Holy Spirit.
To turn back toward God, and operantly, turn toward Divine will, is power and mystery and faith: power because we have gone an unforeseen way, for the worldly person hardly expects it; mystery because of the vast unknown scarp in sowing in love; and, faith, for repentance is about acknowledging truth, whilst also casting fear into the wind on the hopes of a better result in accord with God’s repealing will.
Kindness today,
Forgiveness tonight,
Peace with which we lay,
Beauty in our Lord’s sight.
Sowing the gift of transformation at a relational level, we allow the Holy Spirit to break down any semblance of pride, and we are accountably vulnerable before those we are at odds with.
And as we offer the kindness of forgiveness, Lord help us to see our own need of forgiveness. For, none of us are immune to playing the victim; to being blinded to our transgression. Lord, help us.
Grudges do compromise and sour forgiveness’ flower – that vibrant perennial that blossoms, even when the sun sinks deeper on the horizon; when hope is low.
Grudges spoil that which could be, because we are more victim than villain.
Grudges – from whatever and every standpoint – prevent the passage of the otherwise prevailing will of God for the circumstance.
Bear a grudge and we should know we have departed the Presence of the Lord.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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