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Friday, August 30, 2013

Integrity’s Challenge and Reward

Integrity’s challenge stands abreast with impartiality.
Impartiality is about applying every fair perspective.
Perspective is the gift of harmony with God.
Integrity’s about taking on every aspect of the reflective.
The goal of healing is a life healed enough that it may stand with integrity, be blessed by perspective, and be able to offer impartiality. With integrity, no side is taken; only the God-objective remains. That is the challenge for all of us ― to be humble enough to receive our healing such that integrity, perspective, and impartiality may become us more and more to the glory of God.
Great peace is enjoyed by the person who has done their work to cooperate with God – the work of repentance – in approaching healing for reconciling wrongs – who lives life obediently and humbly penitent. They recognise the power in repentance and that is the secret to their integrity. It is no more complex than that. They have kept a short account with God, and therefore have no need of keeping short account with another human being.
The Call of Integrity On All of Us
None of us escape this eternal call to honour God by being integral persons – one with God, as much as humanly possible, and one with ourselves, in order that we may be one with others.
When we can be trusted to speak the truth, because we speak in love, because to speak out of love is to hurt ourselves, not just the other, we have an innate integrity. This is pleasing to God. That would be an understatement, because much of the time human conflict is caused through a lack of integrity, where a courageous commitment to speak the truth would be of great overall benefit.
There is a great personal reward meted out to the person who is prepared to float graciously within the boundaries of integrity and not encroach beyond those boundaries. We could foreseeably call this, wisdom.
Such a person has a good grip on impartiality – due that close account with God – and they scarcely miss any vital perspective. There is no sign of a routine lack of judgment, though the person of integrity is the quickest to pick up a fault and repent of it.
Integrity means no side is taken; only the God-objective remains. There is no favouring one over another. Integrity is a gift to others as it is faithfulness before God. Integrity is its own reward.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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