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Friday, August 9, 2013

The Gift of Healing Kindness

Having recovered from my blindness,
Seeking God by day and night,
My call’s now unto kindness,
Ever to shine Jesus’ light.
Show me Holy Spirit,
Where I may help to bless,
Where I may see merit,
In healing as Your success.
Of the many forms of kindness, the best by far is to gently enter someone’s world and be the type of friend they need in their moment. Just to be a part of reconciling people to peace or hope or joy is an awesome privilege — to join God’s work.We need belief,
In order to grow.
So, go now and believe,
The Word entrenched in your heart,
Go now, be free,
And play your part.

The Moment When Life Suddenly Makes Sense
The moment we realise that our joy and contentment is connected intrinsically with others’ joy and contentment we are gifted spiritual sight beyond spiritual blindness. Yes, when life was all about us, our wants and needs, God grew disinterested in us, because we knew not yet our true purpose in life.
But God is ever patient – always ready for us in the story of our conversion.
The moment we understand the meaning of life – that our lives must be given away in order to receive them back, for the first time – is the moment we connect the dots of spiritual service unto God for others.
The truth is God wants us blessed through the service of others to us, just as they are blessed as we serve them; God, most of all, is blessed when we have connected into his heart – by kindness – this way.
How wonderful is it when life suddenly makes sense?
I’m not sure if there is any other way life can make sense beyond this wisdom of giving our lives away in order that others may have the abundant life. Certainly, when others do the same to us we are blessed by their efforts of love – if we can allow them to give to us! We were always destined to be blessed by others; by their love of kindness and God’s glory of grace.
Whenever we see God’s healing we see evidence of life running the way it ought to run. We see life in heaven as it is brought to earth in that instant.
The gift of healing kindness is the rapturous beauty of praise through life by God’s power of blessing. That we may be involved in the work of God is a privilege replete with an overflow of that blessing. Such a concept is burgeoning with hope and it generates an abounding joy. All because we treated others as God desired us to treat them. And, all because we trust God to bless us as we forget our needs and wants.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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