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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Reimagining the Scenery of Gratitude

“What if today, we were just grateful for everything?”
Just what if?
Reimagining the scenery of gratitude, we have decided beforehand that everything we see, touch, feel, hear, and taste will be as a direct result of a gift from God from the heavens. Even as we taste the bitterness of suffering there is the possibility of thanks for the things that have been sent, postmarked for us. If not bliss, then it’s learning we gain. And besides our state of mind for the circumstances that swarm we are made better by looking outside ourselves during indifferent times.
Reimagining the scenery of gratitude is about actually seeing everything as it should be seen; as it can be seen.
Taking this attitude out into our lives, our perceptions are shaped by the God-tinted filter that gives us the capacity to go through the day, making it victorious to the glory of God. God knows our challenges, our present tumult, and the torment we endure, so that we need not enter in to that ourselves to the temptation for the pity party.
How great it is to have the perspective to be thankful, because, at first, we were grateful for having awoken to a brand-new day or having spent one moment on a balmy or cool evening enjoying the starry host.
The Majesty of ‘What If?’
There is a resonating beauty in being taken out of ourselves to the point of being able to consider what is possible from what is observable.
None of us knows what the day may hold. We are more apt to get fearful, but with thoughts purposed on the goodness of God we are able to see the grace manifest in life; there are a thousand reasons to be grateful. It is a mere hour’s work to come up with a list of one hundred. Such an exercise improves our state of being and our perspective is honed.
When we begin a day or end it in the consideration of ‘what if?’ we may enjoy the sight of God for that flickering moment of realisation; we, for this time, are alive. We exist. We are loved. We are here and purposed for a reason. There is reason for gratitude.
‘What if?’ is a majestic landscape where gratitude may be reimagined; a scenery captivating a mind sworn to God. We can well imagine the grandest landscape and still not fully picture it. That is the beauty of God; it is too wonderful to know.
What if gratitude were to completely encompass our perspective, today? What if thankfulness and reasons for joy were to be considered this evening? How God can transform us in the changing of perspective; to reimagine the scenery of gratitude.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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