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Friday, February 28, 2014

7 Spiritual Whisperings for Encouragement

MUCH of my writing occurs quite thoughtlessly, in the moment, but thoughtfully as I re-read and edit the work, sometimes up to six or seven times. I’ve used the same technique below, but because they are more thought-bytes than aligning to the same idea, I’m calling them “spiritual whisperings.”
I’ve constantly received spiritual revelations from God. Years ago I would carry a notepad and pen with me, and sometimes I would write these revelations down at such a furious pace I would sometimes struggle to read what I had written. God would say, “Keep up!” It was a burden. Then something happened. The revelations stopped for a while. But I continued writing in faith that they would return. They did return. But the volume of these revelations has lessened.
I find, as I invite God’s Spirit to speak with me, he does so two ways. God communicates with me both by direct revelation (a specific thought – which in the past I’ve written down, but now I remember) and by indirect revelation as I hone in on an abstract concept and then let the Spirit gradually fashion my words, their order, and their quantity.
Here are some aphoristic offerings:
The high life gets us nowhere. The low life is offensive. But that is where the learning is – in giving our desires away and not giving into them.
Harsh words erode the soul. They take something precious away. But kindness builds the soul back up. Kindness revives a person and gives them back their life.
Life tends to catch up with us. None of us gets away with our sin. All are judged. And that judgment is the reconciliation of us as persons – showing God wants us to have our best. We are becoming real again. Hence, judgment is good. Judgment is the second chance. Fools are we when we ignore these opportunities to repent.
“Play life with a straight bat,” “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” “Pray daily,” among other sensible suggestions, are wisdom. We are always best off, however, in checking our wisdom with God’s. Not everything that seems from God actually is.
Long lasting many things are, but not many known to this transient world. Long lasting things are what reality is all about – find the good ones and adhere; let go of the bad ones and keep walking. Long lasting and fleeting things need to be discerned. Blessed is that discerner.
Let the matter go. Knowing when and how to let it go, however, is the wisdom. It’s no good if people don’t have the opportunity to learn. But sometimes simply letting the matter go is learning enough for anyone.
Respect is the golden implement for change. But that’s an irony; for, respect honours things just the way they are. Only when we honour things as they are do we generate the license to change things to how they might become. Respect changes many things, and not by division, but by unity so everyone can be happy enough.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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  1. thank you for these wise saying, may God keep using you for HIS own glory. God bless!!


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