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Monday, February 17, 2014

Love This Day

Love this day
Despite what they do,
Love will pay
Every little due.
Love this day
No matter where you go:
Your love will stay
And your faith will grow.
Love this day,
Open your eyes and see,
In every little way
Be who God wants you to be.
Love this day
Beyond frustrated sighs,
Even when life’s grey
It’s more than goodbyes.
Love this day
Enjoy every stride and strain,
Don’t deride the delay,
And the presence of pain.
Love this day,
Be all you can,
Don’t worry what they say,
Respect every woman and man.
Love this day,
Get over the fight,
Extend grace anyway,
Find a way to delight.
Love this day
Believe that God’s good,
And don’t forget to pray,
As you know you should.
Love this day,
Resist the temptation to hate,
To love them is okay,
Do it early, so you’re never too late.
Love your day,
There’s joy to find,
Make time for play,
And nourish your mind.
Love your day,
Because this day you’ve got,
Negativity you can slay,
And transform into goodness what was rot.
Love your day,
Because no matter how bad it gets,
God loves you and cannot betray,
Though it’s us that forgets.
Love your day,
Come what may,
Cherish your role,
And advance your goal.
Love your day,
By valuing people’s hearts,
That’s where peace lay,
And the presence of joy starts.
There are ample reasons to love the day.
As patience is its own reward, so is love. Love pays us back every mode of investment, because when we give in to love it costs us nothing in any event, so anything we get back in terms of results comes back as a sweet reward of faith for having plied by the form of love. Yes, plying love means we practice faith, and, even as love is betrayed, faith makes us not give up, so we love and keep loving.
Love helps us be all that God designed us in the beginning to be. We become who we were always destined to be when we love.
In this present mode we have patience in pain, and we also see the grand designs of a God who always sought the best for us. We can seek to understand that God bears the pain with us as we bear it, and doesn’t wish the pain on us.
Loving this day is our greatest responsibility, for it can be done. Not always are we blessed with inner joy, but to keep coming back to appreciation for the days we have is to be thankful to God for them.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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